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SEA Overview


The Summer Entrepreneurship Program  (SEA) is a stairway to your career. It is a one-of-a-kind program that helps you make the transition from the university to a job in a new organization. It is designed to educate and prepare university students and recent graduates for an internship, job, and successful career. It complements traditional university education with practical business skills so that students become very attractive to hiring organizations.

This highly interactive program combines onsite, personalized learning with professors and guest business lecturers coupled with interactive online education courses using the latest online technology.  Our aim is to help you think about your passion and how this connects to success in your career.

We will work with you to design a completely new resume, web based portfolio, interview and presentation techniques, cover letters, and insights on how to land an internship or new position. These marketing tools are an essential link to an internship and new job.


From an organization perspective, you will learn how organizations work and gain the business knowledge and skills essential for your effectiveness and success.  And you will learn how to diagnose and understand organizations, manage your boss, develop key mentors, find new internal opportunities, develop relationships with key people, and work effectively not just efficiently on the right things to do and get positive results. In this way, you will learn the ropes and have an excellent chance to succeed.


With this kind of knowledge and skills you are likely to find an internship or job and build a successful career. You will be prepared to find the right internship, job and career. A unique part of this program is that we have identified and built relationships with hiring organizations and can write recommendation letters and refer you to these organizations.

In addition, students who successfully complete this program will receive a Certificate in Business Innovation.


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"We will teach you the essential business skills you MOST need to learn that are not taught in university programs, to land a job, build a successful career and rise to the top."
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